Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This afternoon....

I found a really cool idea at It's a tute that teaches how to take a dad's tie and make it into a gadget case. I liked this idea but wanted more of a glass holder or small purse so changed the pattern to suit me and here's what I came up with. I got the tie at a garage sale for .25 and now both girls want me to make them one. I'll have to find some ties though since it's not something either Jim or Mike wear.Today Anton was able to come for the day so we put together his father's day present and that was homemade apricot syrup, homemade butter, rhubarb berry sauce and pancake mix. So everyone can make the daddy's a father's breakfast and the kids made all the goodies (with a little help from me). They still need to make their cards but we're getting there. The girls have the mirror to add to their basket for their daddy and then that holiday will be taken care of. It's fun to have projects for them to do and they love making all kinds of goodies.
Well that is my day. This evening am heading over to see great grandpa in the nursing home, it's been 3 months since he fell and broke his hip and today he gets his final (hopefully final) x-ray and then the okay to start walking and getting ready to go home. We'll hope and pray that all is okay now. Grandma is more then ready to have grandpa back, it's been so hard on her coming and going all the time plus trying to put in her garden, take care of the animals and the usual household stuff. Mind you, grandpa is 94 and grandma is 92. She drives every day to the N.H. and stays for 8 hours or so with grandpa to make sure he eats right, does all his exercise and just keeps home going. I hope one day I can be half as agile and as good as she is.

Take care and have a superb evening. God Bless.

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Kim said...

Wow - that turned out awesome!!! Good job!