Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'd like too.....

Do some sewing, crafting....well anything but with the kids out of school, the weather being so beautiful I just haven't had the time too. Maybe we'll have a rainy day and I can get to it but until then, we'll play. This weekend I'm working in Remer at the Art Co-op there. My partner and I have our jewelry up there and since we're part of the co-op we must work a day or two a month. We can pay a non-working fee but we'd have to sell a couple hundred dollars worth of jewelry and since this is our first year up there and we don't know the sales records we figured we'd work. It will also give us the chance to host an artist day too because when you work you can work your business too so we are going to set up our beads and see if we can make some special pieces for people if they can't find something already on hand. I'm also going to bring up my totes and other craft items I've made and see what else is displayed and for sale, if nothing like these I'll put them out. I talked with the owners and they say you may have as much stock out as you want as long as the store doesn't look crowded. I'm going to take up my record bowls too and see how they go.
Here's what they look like. The pictures aren't that great but you get the idea.

Today we took Rachel and Abby to see the goats and Rachel and number 1 (or tubby is her nickname) were playing. Tubby loves to be petted and played with. See...

Well it's nap time for the middle two so will close and wish you all a great afternoon. Take care and God Bless!!

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