Friday, June 19, 2009


Even though I love my job and wouldn't trade it for a million dollars, I sure do love Fridays. It means I can get a few things done I want to do, at least the things I need to get done. :o) Being home doesn't always mean I have time for the home stuff even though my hubby thinks it does. Taking care of 4-6 kids is a full time job even without the extra stuff. Today the last of the Father's Day goodies went home. Everyone seemed to like the idea of a daddy's day breakfast so it was a hit.

I so want to go camping so am going to try and get Jim into the mood for it. We use to go all the time so not sure what's up with not going, oh I know there's always stuff that has to get done but camping is such a great way for the three of us to reconnect and I miss that. We do both camper camping and tent camping. I love both but really love the camper camping but just because it's quieter in there. Sleeping in a tent you can hear the whole world even if you don't want too, in the camper it's quiet and I feel just a bit more private but right now would take any kind of camping. Mike and I are heading to the BWCA the end of July with our Venture Crew and we have 7 in our group that is going. All teenagers other then myself and another adult so am imagining those food packs are not going to be very light. It's nothing new to any of us so that will be nice and we are only planning about a 50 mile trip so in the 8 days we are there we'll have 2-3 days were we can just relax and enjoy ourselves.

Well I'm off to finish up the daycare day and start the weekend. I hope that everyone has a blessed weekend and you all find time to relax and enjoy. God Bless!!!

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