Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two done, two to go....

Mike finished up two of the nesting houses for a dear friend in New York and tomorrow will be mailing them off to her. These are robin nesting boxes and the next ones I think were ......well I can't remember what they were but he'll start working on them next week I think. It is so much fun working beside Mike in his wood shop. His ideas on how to do something are always much different then mine but they always work out.

Now today I took those two mirrors I got at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago and copied an idea I saw and made these. I love them. They are just a small mirror but with the polished agates on them they will make great Father's day gifts. The picture isn't the greatest but taking pictures of mirrors is a lot harder then I though. Anyways here's what they look like and the girls are going to be excited that they get to have them for their dad. They helped pick the agates and arrange them so were part of the project too.

So that was my project for today. I also had time to go though the closets for the boy scout garage sale this week. I usually save things so can use for this or that but this garage sale is for all the boys to go to camp and we need to make some money with 20 some boys going. Every little bit helps. My daycare parents are bring goodies to add and also some friends so hopefully it's a good turnout.

Take care and have a blessed night.

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