Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today the kids and I went to the park after safety town for the older kids. We met with a couple other mama's and all the kids had a blast. They got to play and have a picnic and the mama's got a chance to just chatter and relax. These are my two favorite pictures. I wish I had taken more but it's so hard holding a camera and lifting up a little one on the monkey bars or doing under dogs on the swings. :o) Wilbur always gets to come to this park and he plays with any and all kids. He loves being touched, hugged and petted and even just talked too is great. If a child is afraid of him he just sits there and waits for them to either come to him or walk over, he's not pushy unless you show you already love him or will love him. Today it was so nice out too, sunshine and 70*, it's been so long since we've had both and were able to enjoy it.

Well it's that time so will close and wish you all a great night sleep and God Bless!!

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