Saturday, June 27, 2009

I know.....

I know it's been just about a week since I posted anything and for awhile it was just because it was so busy with just the usual stuff, daycare, scouts, gardening, know the usual stuff plus by time we get in at 9:30 each night I'm just toast. It's hard to get up at 4:30 each morning and then not get back into bed until 10:30 or a bit later and do it all over again. Oh I'm not complaining at all, it my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world at all. It's just busy.

So let's see I have a couple things to share with you though. On Thursday Mike can home with my Mother's day present (I know he already gave me my cabinet). He got me a Back Track. It's like a GPS but this just tells me where one place is. When we get to our parking spot in the BWCA I'm going to set it for there and no matter what happens we'll be able to find out way out. I know we all have compass, GPS's, maps and all but this will just be in case. I love it and plan to use it the next few weeks so I know exactly how to use it and be safe with it.

I had a jewelry customer come this week. She has bought lots of our jewelry and now has lost a great deal of weight so I'm going to downsize her jewelry for her. She is looking mighty fine with all her hard work so need to have some pretties to go with it.

And finally for our ending to the week, I took the kids on a picnic yesterday after we stopped at Mark's and saw the newly born goats. The have two that were born on Thursday and one is doing great, her name is Peanut, the other had to be pulled and she's not doing to well. She has no muscle tone in her front quarters. A long time ago I took a bunch of assistant veterinarian courses so I get lots of questions about this and that and though I didn't follow up on this faze in life I do know a thing or two so I checked out the goat and she's not broken any where's and she is eating about 2 oz every couple of hours so I'm hoping (so is Mary) that she'll get better but I have a suspicion it's not meant to be so I tried to help Mary understand that. But to the good part, we had a great time with out picnic up on a hillside under some huge oaks. I, of course, forgot my camera at home but took a couple phone pictures so I can at least share some pictures of this week with you. Take a look......

In the background that you can see if my uncles farm and my cousins place and to the right and across the lake would be my parents and I'm after that. You know, living out here with my family all around me is the perfect life. You can't get any better then living in the country, have the best family in the world, being able to work from my home and be outside all the time, and being bless with just about everything a person/family could want. Oh we may not have the "things" a person might want but we have the "things" a person needs so what part of that could anyone complain about. Not complaints here at all.
Now have a blessed weekend, take care and God Bless!!!

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