Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Craft Challenge

Good morning. Here’s a cool idea for any one interested (and you don’t have to have a blog either cause you can tell me about it and I can post for you if you want me too), starting December 1st and running though Christmas I have committed to making 5 new holiday crafts. They don’t have to be big, great or anything, just something for the tree, something for the holiday table, some other decoration or even a goodie or a treat. If you go to ……  you can read all about it. The bloggers name is Paula and she asked the blogging world if they wanted to participate in this. Well I’m interested and I bet some of you might be too. Her idea was to make a new item every day or every couple of days, well as you know there’s no way I could do that so I poised the question if I could do one a week or every 5 days or so and she said it was just perfect, not a problem. I have a few ideas already and I’m also going to have Justin and Hannah help me make a thing or two and when the big kids are off from school I bet we can make something new too. I bet in the end I’ll have more then the 5 but it’s easier to start small and work up then promise something I might not be able to get done.

So anyways, check this out and if you’re interested either click on Paula’s link and leave a comment or tell me and I’ll pass the message on. This will be a fun thing to do and just think of the other ideas you just might find from someone else.

I hope you all have a splendid day today. I have an extra little one who is just a doll and loves coming here when she can. YEAH!!! A great day. Take care and God Bless!!!

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