Friday, November 13, 2009

My days off….

I could tell you I got everything done on my list but well that’s not true at all. I could tell you I finished up all outside projects but again, that’s not true. I can tell you I spent 9 hours shopping with my mama yesterday and spent way to much money but did save a ton too. Mama and I went to Kohl’s. They had their 70-90% stuff out plus I had a 30% discount thing from the mail so we went nuts. I know I can’t afford it but hey, that’s what they make payments for and to surprise mama with everything that she had picked out, well it was more then worth it. I even spent money on me, now that’s not something that happens unless it comes from garage sales, thrift shops or friends. Mama and daddy are going to a concert in Minneapolis on the 21st and now can go feeling like she looks as pretty as she is. I even can go out to Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws and not feel quite like a farm girl, though really after being married for 30 years if they don’t like what I look like, then don’t look.

So far on my list of things I wanted to get done I made my mama her plastic bag holder, see….


 I got the kids frames and chalkboards finished up, see….


I made this cool bag from a magazine cover for Kim to hold the glass from the frames I’m giving her. I can not for the life of remember where I found the idea, so if it’s yours I’m sorry please tell me so I can give you credit. I did however change it a little bit, I used duck tape behind the handles so they won’t tear as easily, see….


And so far this morning I did get my rugs cleaned and invited my daddy over for broiled steak and homemade apple/blueberry/cranberry sauce. But ….. the sauce was frozen solid so I thought, hummm…I can slowly nuke this and it’ll thaw for lunch time…. see what happens when you nuke frozen sauce…


It exploded in the microwave and I hurried over  there to see what was what and you know that the stuff in the jar can get a good 2” above the jar before spilling all over? At least it’s not attached to the top of the microwave like the eggs I made for the boys the other day. That is another did you know…..Did you know that if you hurry to nuke an egg it explodes worse then the sauce and sticks everywhere? It does, it’s happen many times but once in awhile it really makes a mess.

Well I’m off, after dinner with daddy I’m going to start to make three different totes for my DC kids Christmas goodies and I want to start working on hot pads for my DC parents too. Figure I’ll add them to the gift baskets the kids make for their parents with candies/cookies we make for them.

So take care, have a blessed rest of today and a terrific weekend. It’s back to work for me tomorrow but off Sunday and back to a normal work schedule on Monday. I have really enjoyed my three days off or at least partly off since I still have after school daycare.

God Bless you all!!!


Kim said...

love the magazine bag - totally cool!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've got a lot done. All the gifts look fabulous!!! Congrats also on 30 years of marriage. You are my idol. Hubby and I have been married for 16 going on 50 years. :0)