Thursday, November 19, 2009

Will she like them?

I finished up the napkins for Brenda’s birthday. The holders I got from a seller on Etsy (that was after I tried to win them first, remember the post? ). I don’t want to make another napkin for a while, they are a bit tedious. But I think they turned out okay. It’ll be perfect, I think, for her first Thanksgiving in their new house. So here’s what they look like…..


I have enough fabric left over to make a runner for my table (I love the color on my table, like here with the napkins). I think a bit of gold accent would be nice but not sure what yet. Just ideas.

Of course I haven’t gotten to the totes yet. I had a great idea that didn’t pan out though, I thought rag rugs would make great totes. Only problem with that, my sewing machine refused to sew though it. I broke 3 needles before giving up. So it’s back to my original idea.

So take care my friends, have a blessed day today. It’s suppose to rain here but we’ll see. God Bless!!!

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ScrapFX said...

Hi Julie,

Of course! I am happy for anyone to do any many as they like or feel they are able to. I appreciate that not everyone has as much time as I do at the moment and least of all heading into the hectic Christmas period.
I'm just happy that someone else is keen to step up to the challenge.

Thanks Paula aka SCRAPFX