Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fun stuff is done…

I got to do the fun stuff first. I made two more of the Christmas ornaments and the necklace/bracelet set. Here’s how they turned out. Now it’s unto the zipper in the jacket and other things. But first, had to share these. I do need to make a light box because they are so much prettier in person then in pictures. But you get the idea, I hope. :o)

101_0937    101_0940

The kids and I played outside for a bit and then had a picnic but was just a bit chilly for that but they sure didn’t mind. Now they are napping so my turn to do a few things. Anyways, just sharing.

I sure do hope you are out enjoying the sunshine. It’s 46* so far today, a heat wave compared to what it’s been and going to be. My daddy is still trying to get his deer this year but it just isn’t happening. Seems that’s been happening a lot up here. We’ll see by Sunday what the big count is, wonder if it’s normal or down some.

Take care, have a great day and God Bless you all.

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