Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Done folding paper….


I’m done, I don’t care to fold any more paper right now. I would not make a good scrap booker or card marker, I’m just not into paper that much but I do have to say these turned out really nice plus they are hardy. I sprayed them with two coats of sealer so Justin can put them out on the kids tree. I do have a couple of hints when following the instructions I posted yesterday. When folding the stripes,,,,,fold two at one time, it’s faster and a bit easier (I think) to get the lumps all the same size. Now mine are far from all the same size but i did have little hands helping me too but it did make it faster and easier. The rubber bands and a book made not having to hold them nicer too. I used buttons from my button stash so all in all this craft costed maybe a buck. Just replacement cost on the glue and two sheets of .25 paper that I used 1/4 of. 

Today school gets out early so we are going to work on our Christmas card swap. I got the names and addresses of the families we are exchanging with and we have the United Kingdom, Australia and the US. When we did the letter swap the kids just had a blast looking on the world map and seeing where they were coming from so we’ll do that again with lines and dots showing where the cards are heading. A good way to learn just how far it is and where it’s located.

Tomorrow I will be a guest blogger at middayescapes. I’ll be sharing the link when Lynn sends it to me. I am so excited and honored to be on someone else's blog. Please check it out and also check out her blog. She makes me think, smile and laugh.

Okay time for breakfast for my little ones. Justin asked for eggs and sausages so that’s what we’ll have. It is so nice always having fresh eggs.

Have a great day my friends. God Bless!!!


Kim said...

Love em!

ScrapFX said...

These are so cool. Someone else doing the Christmas Craft Challenge (CCC) do something similar. I had never thought of making rosettes, so I think I may just have to copy both of your fabulous ideas!
Thanks Paula