Saturday, November 28, 2009


Oh guys, you just don’t know how happy it’s made me to have some comments. I love getting my mail in the morning and have the comments sent there. It puts a smile on my face and just makes the day so much brighter.

This week I will put together a tute on how to make a personal header for your blog. I’ll start working on that this evening and if lucky maybe even get it done by Monday.

It’s already 30* out there this morning, yeah….. we won’t freeze our butts off selling Christmas trees. I’m going to have Mike bring his CD player for Christmas music and also the scouts cookbooks. You just might never know, someone may want a new cookbook for Christmas.

I’m off in a short. Take care and oh the sunshine, get out there if you can and just soak it up because they are talking it’ll be leaving again shortly and up here it seems we’ve had so many more days with clouds then sunshine. Since I’m solar powered it’ll be nice to recharge my batteries so I’ll be out there.

God Bless my friends, have the most wonderful day!!