Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mike’s Civics service project….

I wanted to share what Mike’s been up to lately. In Mike’s Civic class his final project for this trimester is to do a community service project. It couldn’t of been one of the hundreds he’s already done it had to be something new/different. So he started out with a simply road side pick up project. He was going to just clean up our 4 miles of road, take a few pictures, do his pps and call it close enough. Of course if you know Mike at all, nothing stays simple. He took his road side pick up to a much higher rank. While cleaning up the road we picked up at least 2 huge bags of aluminum cans and while he’s out there working I got to see the wheels turning. He decided to recycle all of the cans plus what we had here and then got to thinking even more and asked some of our neighbors if they’d like to give them to him and his idea… take the recycled can money and donate it to the Food Shelf. Hummm…..sounded good to me. So we took the cans in and only made $11.34…not really enough for a good Food Shelf donation so to the next part. He asked the neighbors that didn’t donate cans or didn’t have any if they’d be willing to match the can money and 6 neighbors took him up on that so in the end he made $85.00. That bought 6 huge brown paper bags of groceries. Tonight we met the Food Shelf guy and Mike donated his groceries. The guy was so impressed with Mike he asked us to contact the newspaper and tell them what he did and to put their picture in it. That’s tomorrows job. So something that was just a small school report now helped out a few families plus he didn’t go to Wal-mart to get the groceries, he kept the business in town so that helped out other families also.

I am one very proud mama and I am hoping that his grade is as great as I think it should be. Here are some picture of the pick-up to the delivery.

101_0835 101_0834_00


101_0840 101_0850


So there you have it.

I hope that all is well with you all. Take care, sleep tight and God Bless you!!

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Kim said...

WOW! I am so impressed - good job Michael!!!