Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Promised pictures and craft challenge #2….

Mike’s guitar recital went pretty good. For most of them this was the first time for them to be playing guitar. The teacher showed how they had learned most of their cords and more plus each group played a short song. I was the proud mama, just like the other parents that came. I didn’t get to great of pictures though but do have a group one I’ll share with you. My mama and daddy came with too along with my DC kids. It was fun watching the kids watch Mike, it took them a few minutes to pick him out but once they did, their eyes didn’t leave Mike to much.

101_0989  101_0991

Now I can introduce to you, mama chicken and her babies Chix and Chuck. They are a shy bunch and didn’t want to look at the camera but here they are none the less. Chix and Chuck are 4 weeks old and will be living in the shed all winter since they’re to little to go outside for the winter. I think the mama’s a bit lonesome so when I feed the other chickens and feed the wood stove I leave the door open so they can all have a good visit.


And last but not least, Craft Challenge #2…..

I found these ornaments at http://soscrapbookingkits.blogspot.com/?expref=next-blog  so thought I’d give it a try. After reading it a couple of times and practicing I didn’t do to bad. I did change a couple of things, like using clothes pins to hold the paper together to dry, using a rubber band to hold the circle tight and after gluing on the button I left the binder on and put a book on top and let it all sit instead of me holding on to it. I’m not a good waiter so I usually figure out an easier way to do something (or at least I try too). Today I’m going to look for Christmas paper, I have to go to Ben Franklin’s and return a paper punch so will see what they have there. I only need a couple of sheets. This is a cheap craft, not to time consuming and Justin loved helping cut the paper, finding the button and tomorrow, after I seal them, he can hang them on the kid tree. So here’s the picture….


Now I’m off this morning so am taking mama shopping. I need to stop at JCP and get my ring fixed. Remember the ring mama bought me? Well the pearl fell out now for the second time, thank goodness for that life time warranty, I wish it had prongs on it or something. They told me to wear it all the time so I do but I hate now not having it for the holidays. I would of love to show it off to my in-laws on Thanksgiving. Oh well can’t change that part.

Everyone take care, have a splendid day and as always, God bless you all!!!

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Kim said...

I lOVE these! Me and Gabe will have to try them - great idea!