Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I’m off today….

With no kids until 4:30. A different kind of day in the middle of the week. In fact, for the next three days it’s like that. A mini vacation before the holidays. It’s back to the normal hours and times after this week. The plans I have, the work I have to do, the ideas and what am I doing?.. sitting here playing on my computer. Oh well, I have to do this too otherwise what fun is a day off.

I have a couple things to share with you today. Since I am going to do some sewing today I was out and about checking things out and came upon this site… You gotta go there and check things out. There is a spot on her site that has a colossal list of tutorials for boxes, pouches, bags…any type of containers you can make with fabric. I am sure Kim brought me here, either from before or somehow. Kim makes the coolest bags, boxes and all. Me, not so good but I’m learning. Anyway, have a minute?.. check it out.

Now for what I’ve been doing. No sewing yet but I did get the black boards done. I think I’ll still do some painting on the frames. Not positive yet but maybe.  See….


The picture isn’t the greatest but you can’t use flash because of the flash but you can get the idea. On the piggy chalk board I put a magnet strip on the back and put it on my front door so we can leave notes for remembering on it.

Now today I’m going to make my mama a bag holder, one for my sister too. Then a ironing pad for me. I need to start making the totes for the kids’ Christmas goodies. There’s also the feet warmer, hot pads and I really want a table runner but not sure what out of yet.

So that’s that. I also need to shampoo the hallway and bathroom rugs on my days off and I’m betting since I’m doing them I’ll do the living room too. Tomorrow is my mama day. We are going shopping for groceries and I need chicken feed. Just a normal shopping but I love going with my mama. I need to get my cleaning job done this week too and make a couple lunches for my husbands store. All little ways for me to make up some much needed cash in order to stay here with my little ones. Summertime I always have enough little ones to make ends meet, wintertime is a bit harder but I figure it out. A bit of this and that helps along the way.

So take care, have the most blessed day today. Thanks for taking the time to read what’s happening here.

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Kim said...

Geez - you make it all sound so peaceful! Or "at peace" - ya know? Not all frenetic engergy - can I come live there?