Friday, November 27, 2009

Kids Christmas Card exchange…

The girls finished up the cards for their exchange. They did a great job and the boys helped for a little bit but their attention spans are like gnats so the girls finished them up. They are now ready to head out to all over the US, Australia and the United Kingdom. I hope that they get a few back.

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The Christmas gift exchange I did with a few others hasn’t panned out yet. I know I sent off my gift and it was received yesterday and I do hope Cindi liked it. But you know, it’s not about the getting any ways, it was fun just being part of things and knowing someone is getting something from us, well that’s what counts the most. We help up our end of the bargain.

It was a great day here today. With no school I had my house full of DC kids plus Mike took the day off from work and Scott came over so it was just plan fun watching and playing with them all. This is the life I love, having all these kids. At times I wish I had more kids but it is very nice at the end of the day to have a quiet house.

Tomorrow Mike works the Boy Scout Christmas tree lot. They are selling trees and wreaths again this year. I’m hoping for a sell out year, which we usually do or get pretty close too. For Mike Boy Scouting is coming to a close, not that he’s leaving the troop but now he’s just about 18 and is already an Eagle Scout it’s a bit more of a challenge keeping him busy. Our troop has formed a Venture Crew with is for scouts 14-21 and ours is doing pretty good. Last year we did the BWCA trip, next year will be a White Water Rafting trip plus we have outdoor things though out the year. Paintballing, golfing, camping …. and bowling, swimming and game/movie nights. Boy Scouting is a rewarding experience that I think all boys need, even a short time in scouts teaches them a lot.

Well I’m done for the night. I hope you all have a splendid weekend, I’m planning on it. Now take care and God Bless!!!!

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ScrapFX said...

I think this is a fabulous idea and definitely in the spirit of our Christmas Craft Challenge. And yes I understand about the concentration span of a gnat... I have that problem here too!