Saturday, January 16, 2010

15 minutes….

That’s all I have before I have to shut this thing off and get my chores done. This blogging and reading and following and ……oh how I love it all but boy does it eat up time. That’s okay I’ll just limit myself, yeah right…like I’ll limit myself to how much chocolate I can eat. Not good, really not good.

I finished up my kitchen cupboard yesterday. Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. What do you think….


Before…..oh so scary…..


Much better….

See the I’m Sorry on the door? Here’s what it says…I’m sorry I lied. Mike had some homework and it was an issue at the time to bring it home and get it done. Well he didn’t because he wanted to play. So I made him make me an I’m sorry why I did it letter and this is what he did….


I also found this in my cupboard….


I can’t eat strawberries in any form, imitation or real so Mike got a bag of Skittles and shared them with me but first ate all the red ones out so I could have them too.

Did you lose a pen when I was at your house? Did you walk by me with one and didn’t have one afterwards… I just might have it. Mike and I go to all the Trade Shows, fairs and everything and collect all the pens and pencils they have around. I’m sure we also pick them up for other places but I know we don’t mean too, it just happens.


And last but not least….remember this toilet paper award Well Jim just laughed and said at least I can do it 10 times in a row. Hey, we’ve been married just about 30 years and he’s now just taking responsibility for the toilet paper. I’m pretty sure I’ve done it more then 10 times in a row. Oh well, it’s sitting on the window sill in the bathroom and he did love it. So really, that’s what matters, he is doing the toilet paper and though it’s not a hard job it is one less one for me to remember to do. Thanks Dear!!!

Okay my time is up and I still want to do a quick post on my Life Style Change. So I better get going. Take care everyone and have a blessed weekend. Find time to relax and enjoy. I’m going cross country skiing with Mike. Not to relaxing but way enjoyable. I love my kid!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL love the skittles, good thing he was thinking of you and the strawberry. Doesn't it feel great to get some things organized? I do, when I get a chance. Yep, trying to blog and follow others is very time consuming, I think I follow more than I blog but dunno. I hope you have a great day!

Brittney said...

good job on the cupboard!! I agree the blogging and stuff does take a lot of time. however, it helps me keep me sane!! Have a great weekend

Robin said...

The cupbooard looks great ..want to do mine too..LOL...I was 2 hours late yesterday for work with that friday follow thing and glamazon..Holy just cant stop answering an email, following a newbie or adding a link..I hear ya..!I bet get myself in order orIll be looking for a new job..!! Have a great day..and get those chores done..OK..!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

LOL! I love the "strawberry" note.

How very kind of him.

hee hee

Kim said...

Did you have fun skiing? I took Gabe ice-skating today. Phew. Didn't fall though - but Gabe did. Not badly and the snowpants and puffy coat cushioned him good. Gonna go again soon! Take care - will talk to you on Monday! Your cupboad looks very tidy...good job!!