Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kid’s project…

101_1398 101_1389


More to come…I am going to take the kids pictures and they can paste them in their frames. Justin used the template and make some hearts for me to cut out so we are going to put hearts in a collage setting and then their pictures. Just something different. I’ll show you the finally project at the end of the week. I have all three on Saturday so will have time to take a good picture of them.

I got the last of the jewelry cleaned up. Remember this post…?… Oh lookie... Well these are the last of the pictures. Here’s the pile of kids jewelry and Hannah showing us what it looks like on. 

101_1403_00 101_1401_00

And here is what I kept for jewelry making, craft things, or just I have to have ideas…



I need to get the kids grandma’s address so we can send her a thank you. It was so much fun going though all of this and being able to play and keep it. Kim loves what she got and has so many cool ideas. Anyone else have some old jewelry they’d like to get rid of? I’ll take it, it can be junky stuff, costume stuff, pieces of this and that. I’ll help pay the postage if you want to send it here. Just e-mail me and we’ll figure something out. It’s just so much fun going though the old stuff and finding all kinds of good things to use.

Well the kids are down and I need to exercise so I better just go and do it. I’m tired today so dragging a bit but will still go and do since it’s less then 7 days to my weigh in.

Take care my friends and have a great afternoon. God Bless!!!