Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good evening….

Remember this duct tape pouch? Well Brenda liked it so much I decided to make her one. This one was harder then the first one. Now I know why they didn’t put the zipper closer to the top, you can’t turn and make look the corners and zipper look good with all those staples and duct tape. It’s good enough, not as good as I had hoped but not terrible either. She wanted one to take her personal stuff to the gym and throw in her locker so hopefully she’ll like this. She loves dragon flies and I had just enough scrap to do this.


I also spent two hours hand stitching a gun sock for Jim’s new to him 12 gauge shot gun. He got one from Cabala's  (which the minute he got home he cut off to just at legal limit and put a pistol grip on it) but it wasn’t the right size, the gun sock, and he didn’t like the fact it wasn’t reinforces at the end so I cut it off and tried to sew it up with my sewing machine. I didn’t have a ball point needle so all it did was get stuck in the feeds and make a mess so I hand stitches it all up. I am not a fan of hand stitching but it didn’t turn out to bad. It doesn’t look like much so no since taking a picture of it.

Jim is out in his garage working on the blazer, Mike is in Sartell at an O.A. Winter Banquet for scouts so that left me with some quiet time. I could be doing the dishes, laundry or what not but there’s tomorrow for that and you know what, if for some reason tomorrow doesn’t come, well it won’t matter then will it? :o)

That’s it for today. I wonder if there’s anything any good on TV now. I have control of the remote so gotta go see. Take care my friends and have a great day tomorrow. It’s warmer here so we won’t freeze our behinds quite as badly. We are going to Grand Rapids for feed and I’m sure Glen’s Army Navy Store. I sure do wish there was a Michael’s or Craft Direct or something for me to go and do while they went there. Oh well, I’ll just follow like usual. Talk with you all later on.

God bless you and yours.


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