Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Got a question…

Is there anyone out there or anyone that knows of a mama of an almost 18 year old only child? I’m just curious. I think it would be so neat to get to know someone that might feel the same as I do, or has different ideas or approaches to things.

A cool thought….

In a short month Mike turns 18 which means he is no longer an active boy scout. Not exactly that really, because he’s part of the Venture Crew 52 and an O.A. brotherhood member but no longer in Troop 52 other then an adult leader or merit badge counselor….anyways, the troops Court of Honor is February 22nd, his last in his troop. Mike will be receiving his 6th palm, what that means has he earned 50 merit badges in his scouting adventures. Reason I’m saying this is, he’s really earned 52, the highest amount in our troop since they came into service in the late 1930’s. What I find super cool about this is, is the number…52. 52 merit badges, Troop 52, Venture Crew 52. Sorta cool don’t you think? I am so proud of all his hard work in this troop. If you have a boy and there is a cub scout troop, boy scout troop or a venture crew in your area get your son involved. You and he will not regret it. Mike started out in 1st grade as a Tiger Cub and has earned the highest rank as an Eagle Scout. I wouldn’t in a million years trade a minute of the time we’ve spent in scouts. I have been active since the beginning also. Mostly as an adult helper but now as our troop treasure since 2006 and a committee chair of our Venture Crew, a merit badge counselor for our scouts and I’m known as their Scout mommy, an honor to say the least. This year is the Boy Scouts 100 anniversary, you will be seeing commercials, ads, flyers and other things this year to teach you about the scouts. Take time to see just what is happening and what they are all about. You won’t regret it. If you are a parent of a scout and have any questions or need ideas or what not, ask me and I’ll answer your question. If I don’t know the answer I will find out for you or send you in the right direction. It’s a learning experience of a life time and so worth the efforts to become a scout.

I didn’t start this posting as an infomercial I really just wanted to get to know another parent or two with an only son that about to graduate. It is a total different experience having an only child though I can’t compare since I’m just me.

It’s bed time for me. 4:30 just comes to early if I stay up much past 10:00. Good night my friends, thank you always for all your comments, support and time you take to answer my question, share your ideas and your wonderful blogs.

God Bless you and your families.


Kim said...

I'm so proud of Mike - that's just too cool.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kim. Very cool about Mike and the Scouts. My older son just turned 17. I do wish I had looked into Scouts more for my kiddos.