Friday, January 8, 2010

Been awhile since I updated you….

On my sister so here it goes.

She went to an eye specialist yesterday, the infection that is in her body went to her eye and she has a very bad infection in there. It's behind the eye in a blood vessel which is making a cover that is on her eye so she can't see from it other then light from dark. They have her on two different antibiotics and goes back down on the 18th to see if things are getting better, if not they they'll  operate to remove the infection from the blood vessel and clean off the covering on her eye. Another wait and see for her.

On the other hand, her leg is healing up nicely. The wound is less then a quarter size now and the nurses are working really good with her and she's doing what she's suppose to. Mostly, yesterday wasn't so good, didn't eat well and her blood sugar dropped dangerously low but was better later on in the evening. I know she's tried of this all the time and just wants to be better and get back to life but she needs patience and that is not high on her list of things she has. She goes back to the specialist in Brainerd on the 21st so they can see how that is all healing up.

They haven’t addressed her liver, I think it’s a wait and see. The same for her diabetes's.

She is able to transfer herself to the pot and back now and yesterday after getting into the tub was able to take care of herself. So she's getting stronger. I haven't been over there this week but do talk to her each day at least once and she doesn't need my help right now, just encouragement so that's what I'm doing. We made a pack together, she eats better, I exercise and lose some weight. I wish up both good luck because it's not easy for either but a must for us both.

Scott has been either calling or texting Mike (her son, my son…just in case you didn’t know) lots for the support he needs to handle all of this. He’s just 15 and has never known a time in his life to have a healthy mom. From birth she’s had so many issues and problems. He’s a good boy, a hand full at times, but a good boy and tired so very hard to please. He loves coming here as often as possible and knows that even on the spur of the moment we will either come get him or be there in whatever form he needs. Mike is great for Scott, sorta of a role model and it’s good for Mike being an only child to have someone rely on him. Scott has an older bother but he’s in his early 20’s and to busy for a little brother, Mike just happens to be in-between them.

So that’s that. I just wanted you to know a bit more and thank you so much for your words of encouragement and your prayers.

Now today….

I took my mama out for breakfast, went to see her friend Cleo (remember Cleo is her best friend and the one dying from cancer). I took some picture today of them, for a keepsake. I’m going to frame two of them, one for mama and one for Cleo. Here’s the two best ones…the hubby is Richard.

101_1292  101_1296

We stayed for a good hour + but by time it was time to go Cleo was getting pretty tired. Her nurse had been there today and did some work with her. I should of taken a picture of their cat, I will next time. You wouldn’t believe this cat. She is beautiful but fat, not a little fat, really really fat. I bet she weighs a good 15 lbs. She loved to be petted and played with but when you held her and she jumped off your lap you knew it.

It’s time to start crafting something. I need to finish up my little clipboard (I think I will use this for one of the frames and give it to Cleo), I want to make one more duct tape pouch for Brenda and then it’s onto my big project I started to share with you. That’s next week. Taxes are done for the daycare and I have to do my jewelry sales tax by next month plus the boy scouts end of year is due too so really there’s never a dull moment here. I’m off until Tuesday (during the day, I still have after school daycare). So time to get it done plus I better keep exercising or all the work I have done is for nothing and I can’t do that.

Take care my friends, have a blessed weekend. Try and find time to relax, reflect and enjoy. God Bless you all!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day you had, Julie. It's really nice to read these updates and especially to hear "So she's getting stronger.". All the best to you and your sister.