Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good Saturday morning……

For the first time in years I exercised a full 40 minutes and didn’t die. Hot, sweaty and tired but did it. Now to the shower then chores of all kinds, house and outside. It’s still –24* out there, was –30* a bit ago so warming up a bit. I need to get the mail so just maybe will dress all up and walk/jog just a tiny bit. At least to the mailbox, 150’ down and then 150’ back.

I want to organize my kitchen a bit so after the chores think I’ll start in my corner cupboard. It’s the catch all cupboard. Has anything from towel, bibs, candles, paper plates, glassware, gum, my hidden stash of candy I’ll give to the kids, batteries, boxes…I’m not sure what else. I just know every time I open it up it attacks so it’s time. My tool drawer needs help too, it’s sorta busted from being so heavy so time to fix that too. One thing at a time….sometimes I wish there were more of me…one for cleaning, one for outside stuff, one for crafting, one for sewing, one for playing and one for family.

Have a great weekend my friends. Take care. God Bless you all.

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Kim said...

What kind of exercising did you do? Congratulations!!