Saturday, January 23, 2010


Remember I told you about Project Linus asking for blankets to send to Haiti? I have to share the letter I got from Mike’s project coordinator.

Wow--what an amazing group--I have had several people offer to make blankets for the Haiti children and some are helping with postage.  The great news is that Headquarters just emailed and said we have the 10,000 blankets covered in less than 24 hours!!!!  Our chapter will be sending 100 blankets to Kansas so there is still an opportunity to help out.  We will need a few more blankets (we will need to replace our own supply) and some help with the postage for the boxes.  Thanks for those that have already responded you are such a great group!!!

Don't forget to put March 13th on your calendar for our "Make a Blanket Day" at Trinity Lutheran in Bemidji.  Come and have a great day of sewing, fellowship and food!!

Jonette Anderson

Don’t you think that’s cool? 10,000 blankets in less then 24 hours WOW!!! Mike and I will be sending ours off on Monday. We made the 4 for the Give a Day/Get a Day and then 7 for Haiti. It’s not much but it is our contribution to add to the 10,000.

Today we are suppose to go to Brainerd for groceries and new things for my parents bathroom. But first we need to wait for the ice to melt. There is a nice layer of it on everything out there plus more coming. It is so slippery right now. Jim and Mike went to work and it took them 30 minutes to drive a 10 minute route. Only saw one other person out there but it was a dad pulling his kid out of the snow bank. I’m hoping by 9:00 the roads are okay but we’ll see. When I drove semi I had a saying that there isn’t a load worth my life, well that goes for anything now days. I’ll stay put if I feel it’s just not safe and you know it’s now always mine or your driving, it’s sometimes the other persons that makes the roads not safe.

I bet you didn’t know I had driven an 18 wheeler, did ya? For 9 years I drove with my hubby. Really I did most of the driving and he did the paperwork and maintenance. By time we had been out there for 8 years I had a million miles under my belt with no accidents and just a couple tickets. We drove 48 states and two Providences. In all the jobs I’ve had, that one was “my” job. Oh I have loved each of my other jobs but if I had a chance, truck driving would be high on my list to do again. I loved it. My hubby however did not, he was more then ready to quit and go back and work with his dad at the family business so that is what we did.

Well now you know just a bit more about me. I’ve got stories I can share if anyone wants me too. When I drove, there weren’t that many lady drivers out there ,so to earn the respect of other drivers and companies was a challenge but oh so worth it.

So I’m off, I have to exercise this morning and then shower and get Scott up. He so loves staying here with us and yesterday he told me he was worried. Not about his mom or even school or a girl. He was worried that because Mike is turning 18 that Mike won’t want to spend time with him any more. He’s only 15 and afraid that when Mike becomes an adult that he won’t be able to come over and play, come over and help, come over and be part of our family. I just hugged him and told him that never, ever would he not be part of this family. That Mike will be here always for him, even if Mike goes to college he’s doing the local college and will still be here for him. When we talked it was like a big weight was lifted off his shoulders. He was worried he’d have no where to go but home where life there just isn’t the greatest place on earth. It’s a place to sleep and eat but not be appreciated for who he is. There are some people that are mama’s and daddy’s. There are others that are Mother and Father and that is what it is at their house. Love is a difficult thing at that house and though they do love each other it’s not the loving kind. Do you understand what I’m saying? It’s hard to explain. If anyone been there and done that they’d understand and if you haven’t, you’re oh so very lucky, you don’t have to understand because ignorance is bliss at times.

Okay, I’ve got to go. This was a long post with lots of words in it and I sure don’t want to bore you all. Take care and have a blessed weekend. Remember to thank the Lord for all he’s given you, for all the love he has to share with you, for giving his only son to die for us so that we, when we die, get to spend an eternity in his Love !!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not bored at all. How exciting to hear about the 10,000 blankets! How cool that you used to drive a truck. I've never driven one before, but I am the designated chauffeur in my family.

Kim said...

Scott is VERY lucky - and so are YOU! Take care!