Thursday, January 21, 2010



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Today the kids and I made hearts. I had found a heart template at the Dollar Store so Justin was able to draw the heart on the inside on the wrong side of the paper and then I cut them out, we put them on contact paper, Justin helped cut the yarn and strung it on the hearts then Hannah and Justin got to hand them on your holiday tree. It was our Christmas tree but since we didn’t take it down we’re going to use it for Valentines, St. Patrick's day and Easter. By then it’ll be full of all kinds of good things. The first of our Valentine decor.

I haven’t had “my” kids for 8 days so today was such a treat. They were so full of hugs and kisses and hold me love me. It reminds me of why I do this, I love them as much as they love me. We played outside for a little bit. The kids love helping me feed the chickens and collect the eggs. Our baby chick and chuck are growing so fast, in fact the chuck is sounding more like a duck each day. He no longer peeps, he quacks. The same for the chick. They both talk to me the entire time I’m out there either feeding the wood fire or carrying in wood or feeding the big ones. They are going to be so surprise when they are free this spring.

I got a letter tonight from Mike’s Project Linus coordinator Jonette Anderson from Blackduck, MN. Project Linus is looking for donations of handmade blankets to send to Haiti. By March 1st they are wanting to send 10,000 blankets to the children of Haiti. Mike and I have been making blankets for the Give a day/Get a Day from Disney so we just told Jonette we’ll make a few more and send them all together. They also need donations so if you don’t have the time to make a blanket maybe you’d consider a donation instead. Just imagine if you were a wee one and everything you knew and held dear was gone. To get something you could hold and cuddle and cry into just might make things just a tad bit better. For each blanket Mike and I make we say a prayer for whomever gets it. We ask that the Lord to wraps them in his arms like this blanket is wrapping them up. We ask that he takes care of the wee one parents. We can’t do lots but the little bit we do we try to do our best.

If you want to get a hold of Jonette we have her address, e-mail and phone number. I am sure she’d love it if I gave it out to anyone interested. Just comment here or e-mail me and I’ll send it to you.

So that was our day here. Not a bad one at all. I hope you had a great day. Sleep well my friends. Take care and God Bless!!


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starnes family said...

I love the hearts tree. So sweet!

Kim said...

Ahhh, so pretty!