Saturday, January 2, 2010

I want to craft….

I am itching to craft. What I’m not sure but something. Maybe some coffee cozies. I got a PDF from Erin. Kim helped me make the buttons I’m going to use on them. Maybe a necklace because while playing with the polymer clay I made a pendant. Oh it’s nothing fancy, I don’t know much about clay but it didn’t turn out to bad either. I’m thinking a great gift for Abby’s birthday in Feb. I have some new kitchen towels with hot pads that match so want to make them into oven towels. I can’t remember where I saw them and if you know tell me so I can share the link. Anyways, you take the hot pad and sew it to the middle of the dish cloth and fold it in half add a button and it makes a towel you can hang from your oven door. I’ll do them next week and show you. Sally sent me the towels for Christmas so want to keep them not so used to make them last a bit longer. How about a duck tape no sew project? That sound interesting too, got the PDF for that too from Instructables.

Okay, it’s time to close and watch a movie with Mike and Jim. We got Open Season 2 from netflix. Say, if you don’t want to buy movies this is a great way to go. We just get the one movie at a time, keep it as long as we want, watch it as many times as we want and then return it, all for $9.61 a month it’s worth it. It’s been the best thing for us since there’s no way we can afford to buy the new movies we want to see all the time. It also worked so good during Christmas vacation because the kids were able to see Santa Buddies a good 5 times before we went sent it back.

Take care everyone, have a great rest of the weekend. God bless each and every one of you!!!

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