Friday, January 1, 2010


I have started my journey to a healthier me. Today I spent my Christmas money on all kinds of healthy fruits and veggies, a couple of snacks and some butter buds. Tomorrow is my day to weigh, measure and start exercising.

It is so cold here today. Right now it’s –15* with a wind-chill of –25*. While shopping today the shock to breath as we’d walk out of a store was amazing. I do have to admit when it’s this cold it is beautiful out there. The full moon, WOW!! I hope you guys can see it too.

The project isn’t a bandana like Lynn guessed, keep trying. Starting next week I’ll do a bit here and there and let you see.

It’s tax time so nap times will be for getting all my paperwork in order so when Jim is ready for it I have it done. I keep pretty organized with it though-out the year so it’s mostly the adding up and categorizing it. A few nap times and I’m done. It sad sometimes to figure out just where all the income went. I say each year I’m cutting back on this and that, but the same time I cut back the economy changes and I lose a family or two. I know this is where the Lord wants me to be, I know this is exactly what he wants me to do so I will keep plugging along.

Brenda and I finished up my graduation picture collage. Remember back when I asked you to help me pick his picture. Well I couldn’t decide so Naomi gave me a frame with many cut outs in a mat and Brenda and I put my most favorite pictures in it. It turned out really nice and then above that picture is his class picture. He has a class of 88 students, not a huge class but just right. I still can not believe that Mike graduate this year, he’s even in awe. Time flies by so fast. Mike isn’t certain what he’s going to do after graduation. We own a family business, Riley Auto Supply and it’s been in business since 1958 and Mike’s great uncle and grandfather started it, my husband has worked there since he was born minus the 8 years we left after we got married and drove truck and Mike has been there since birth working as he grew up. So it’s a hard choice, continue working there or go to college and come back or go to college and not come back. He wants to be part of the business forever but also wants to go to school for something. He’s thought about many choices but hasn’t really settled on one yet. The only thing he knows for sure is he’s not going to go to school the first year out, he’ll work and save his money and then figure out a plan. For now, there’s a full time job for him and that makes him a very lucky young man to have a job, especially right now.


Mike and I went to our Venture Crew Christmas party this week, it was a sliding party and pot-luck. I so love each and everyone of these kids. It has been so much fun being apart of them. We didn’t get to stay to long though, Mike wasn’t feeling good so came home and put him to bed. I think he had a touch of the flu but after a long nights sleep, a slow day at work, another long night sleep he seems much better. I tried to get him to stay home from work but he just didn’t want to not go so off he went.

All the kids go back to school on Monday. I’m going to miss Rachel and Abby and having Jon here during the day time. I’ll be back to just my two during the day and 2 after school. I am still looking for a family and hope one day a needing one comes along. Until them 2 during the day is nice too, we got to play and what not and I still have time to do some things I love to do too.

Up date on Cindy, she’s doing pretty good. Still a long ways to go to be healthy but working on it. We made a pack to help each other, to get healthy together. I am praying for her to be able to do just that. Her husband wants to work on it too so it’s going to be a family thing, makes it easier when everyone is on the same page. Thank you for your prayers and support. Because of all your prayers the Lord has blessed us with having Cindy with us longer and her family having a mama, my parents a daughter and me my sister. I love you guys. Thank you!!!

Have a great day tomorrow. I’m planning on it. Happy New Year!! God Bless each and everyone of you.


Kim said...

Glad you've having a good weekend! I can't believe how fast the Christmas break has gone - hope you stay warm this weekend cause you're's COLD! Take care and I'll talk to you Monday!!

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch After Miss Julie, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.