Monday, May 18, 2009

A beautiful day.....

Summer finally showed up today. It was just plain beautiful out there. Anton and I worked on the mower and while he napped this afternoon I got part of the yard done. I did manage in the first 40' to get stuck which was a feat to get unstuck. I tried the 4-wheeler with the wench but that didn't budge so had to go to mama's and get her mini blazer and pulled it out with that. I didn't get the full yard done but the part that was in the need of it most. Then this afternoon mama came over for a visit. I so love it when she does that. We sat on the porch swing and just chatted for an hour. Tonight we had roadside garbage pick up and a parent's meeting for scouts. All went great and then we got to enjoy a pot luck. There is such a variety of food, some so tasty others a challenge. On my, the graduation open houses, I have 5 that we are already invited too and I know of at least 3 more to come. I haven't a clue as to what to give them all. I know all graduates need money but with a group of 8-10 I don't think that's possible. I'll think of something.

Remember when I said I'd share some jewelry I made. Well here is a piece I made special for the Miss Deaf Awareness fund raiser. Their colors are sapphire and silver so made this for them. The fund raiser was in St. Paul and I heard it had an excellent turn out and the jewelry piece brought them in a fair price.

My best friend and I make lots of jewelry every year and sell about 500 pieces a year. It is so much fun watching people ohhh and ahhh over our stuff. We guaranteed our jewelry and in all the stuff we've sold I think we have had only 10 or so piece returned to be repaired and most of it was just abuse but we fix gladly and am happy that people enjoy our jewelry.

Well it's just about that time to turn in for the night. I have early daycare tomorrow so that means up at 4:30 am. I am hoping for another beautiful day tomorrow. I think I'll take my brood fishing. Take care and God Bless.

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