Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Monday morning...

Well the waffle iron I got for free at the garage sale works terrific. We had fresh waffles for breakfast and enough for Mike to have tomorrow morning. YEAH!!!

Today I wanted to share a tote I had made last month with you. It's so springish that it's perfect to show off today. This is what it looked like before I lined it.

I made this with contact paper, magazine pages and a sewing machine. At first I tried to have the contact paper have no wrinkles in it, not with the fabric but just wrinkles in general, but it didn't work that way and now that it's done I love it. It's lined with the most beautiful fabric. The little velvet bag is also lined in the same fabric.

Well enough for now, I started this post at something like 7:00 this morning but just now got to finish it up while the kids are eating lunch. We worked outside this morning, then went for a walk in the woods and then a cart ride. They helped me bring out the fire hose and clean the porch off and water the new trees and after they left to play a bit I got under the porch taken care of. With our chickens free range that means they are under the porch in the late afternoon and on the porch when they think they want a treat. I'll share a picture of them later on when there's a bit more time.

Take care and have a stupendous afternoon.

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