Monday, May 25, 2009

My boys.....

Oh they really aren't my boys but I have got to tell you, boy scouts are one of a kind and I am so proud to be part of their lives. This past weekend we had a paint ball afternoon. It wasn't all boy scouts, it was really just a bunch of young adults and adults getting together having the time of their lives. Having a get together like this is so good for the mind and soul but a tad hard on the body but still wouldn't trade the time together for anything. Even Wilbur my dog got to come along and he got so much attention and love, he was in heaven too.

And one other grand event this weekend too. We went to an Eagle Court of Honor for Winchester Hasskamp. He is Troop 52, 52nd Eagle Scout. CONGRATULATIONS Winchester!!!

And finally, I promised a better picture of my little ones feeding the sheep. Well here's a couple.

Good night and God bless!!!

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