Friday, May 8, 2009

What happened to our sun? I was hoping for a sunny warm day but right now it's not so, maybe later on. Today is one of those days that there is so much that has to be done. I do have one little one today but just for part day. We are going to be taking the Boy Scout alum. cans to be recycled and then visit my friend. I have a physical today and then when all that is did and done with it's time to head to a different area and set up for our scouts hot dog/brats fund raiser. We have such a great troop and crew that working with them is such a treat. I have been involved with scouting since my son was a tiger cub so that means at least 12 years so far and I don't see it ending either, even when Mike is in college and all I want to be part of this troop. They need me like I need them so it's a match. Mike is my only son and pride and joy. I'd like to share a picture with you so you can see just why he makes me so proud.

My daycare kids love him to death, he is their bother and playmate and they love it when he's off with them. He works in the family business so doesn't have to much time off to just play but once in awhile while the kids are on vacation he'll take the day and play with them. They have such respect for him. For the oldest she's been here 9 years and it's sorta like the older brother/younger sister relationship. I just love it.

Just so you know, the engine3 or umengine3 part is from the fact that we own two local old fire trucks (one's a 1940 and the other a 1961) and each fall we participate in Fire Safety week at our local school. When we first started over 12 years ago the kindergartners didn't really get to be part of Fire Safety week so we brought in our fire trucks for rides and investigation time. Since than we have given over 50 rides and taught some fire safety issues to well over 600 students. Neither my husband nor I are on the fire department since we live just to far out of town in the country but both have talked to and learned things to teach the kids. Anyway, I just wanted to share the reasons for the name.

I made this for my mama for Mother's Day and the other one for my friends birthday. While watching Decorating Cents one afternoon I saw a man making a big one of these for a center piece so sorta took the idea and made it smaller and this is what I got. The are so pretty in the evenings, the light flickers off the glass marbles and is just so warm and inviting. I used a cheap glass bowl from Wal-mart, under a dollar, Dollar Store marbles for a dollar and that stinky E-6000 glue. I did have to read the directions though, you gotta put glue on the marble and glass first and let sit for 5 minutes before putting them together otherwise you're playing catch as the marbles are falling off. Once I was smart and read it was so much easier.
Okay, gotta run. Time for some breakfast for my wee one and chores. We have 50 adult chickens and 30 babies plus 3 ducks that insist I let them out and feed them. They are more pets then anything and reward me with no bugs anywhere on our property or my parents and about 3 or more dozen eggs a day. Guess what Anton's getting for breakfast ;o)
Take care and God Bless!!!

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