Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just starting out

Well my friend has been telling me it's time to share my life with others so I'm going to do my best and try. I am very new at this, in fact I just started reading blogs just a few short months ago. I am a very busy woman just like most of you out there but will try to add something new and intersting every few days or so.

I think the first thing I'd like to share with you is the gift my daycare kids and I made for their mama's. It is the neatest thing and though I don't know where my friend got the directions to make it I'll give her the credit for the idea. Ubercrafter is her blog spot and her ideas, WOW are they good. They a fork easels made with forks I got at Wal-mart for 3/$1.00. I spent the day on Monday taking pictures of the kids and then mounted them on pieces of cardboard and scrapbooking paper. The mama's loved them.

I have another picture I'll share with you today, I took my little ones fishing today and my dad came with so I knew that everyone was safe and taken care of. Their idea of fishing is casting and reeling it in and doing it all over again. We "caught" weed fish but there were happy and it is so fun doing different things with my little ones.

Well that is all for my first post. I hope that this is something that will interest someone. If you visit my post if you could leave a comment telling me what you think I'd really enjoy hearing from you. There will be lots more coming with my life as a mom, scout mom, beader, crafter, outdoors person. Thank you for stopping by.

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Kim said...

Cool! Your pictures are lovely - and your blog looks great! I have subscribed to you via googlereader so I will stay updated - I can't wait to see what you come up with next!!