Thursday, May 14, 2009


Last week my friend from New York asked my son to build her some robin nesting boxes so today he started and got two done. Well they are drying right now and then he wants to paint them for her but I wanted to share a picture of Mike working hard on her boxes. Next week he'll build her the two barn swallow nesting boxes. We'll show you completed boxes when done but to work with Mike today was terrific. We, of course, argue our way though the building process but he knows what he's doing and I try to show I know something once in awhile. I wouldn't of traded this afternoon for anything.

We also worked together cleaning out the flower beds of old dirt and getting them ready for planting. We have another couple of weeks before we can do any plant planting but seeds can go in next week. The dirt was still ice cold when we did it so I know it'll still be a little bit but if it ever warms up and stays that way then it'll be time. This morning when I got up it was only 28* and snaining, I don't think a tomato would be happy in that yet. I didn't get to the mower or mowing but maybe tomorrow after mama and I go garage saling. Jim would like me to get him more trees too. We got the 8 planted from last week and needs another 10 or so. Lets see, in the 19 years we've lived here I think we've planted well over 300 trees. We've gone from a cow pasture to our own forest. One day I'll take a picture to share our outdoors with you.

Well the end of my day is fast approching, take care and sleep well my friends.

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