Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nap time, ahhhhh....

Yes, I know it's Saturday but a couple times a month I have daycare for one of my parents that has a truck driver for a husband and she's a lab tech. It started out as a very cold, cloudy, windy day but it's not longer cloudy but still chilly and windy. My son's a scout camp this weekend but I did get a call from him this morning and other then being a bit chilly all was well. I have two things to share with you today, one is my fantastic garage sale find yesterday the other my nap time project. Okay first the .25 cent garage sale find with a surprise in the sleeve.

Don't you just love it. He has a little room to spare so hopefully it'll fit him for the fall season and in the sleeve was a Cars brand new with tag hat. You want to talk about a happy little boy. I don't do to much garage saling for the daycare kids but once in awhile you just can't beat a good deal. Oh I can't say I don't do too much because I'm thinking at least 50% of our toys are garage sale finds. My boy scout troop has a garage sale each early summer so I donate what the kids haven't been playing with and start picking up new to them toys for the winter months. It works out great and what a good way to recycle and reuse.

Now my nap time project. Kim was making these this past week and taught me how so I put her lesson to good use and made myself 4 pouch to help carry the stuff/junk I carry in my tote. No more having to search when there's a special pouch for each item. One will fit the sunglasses, one person care stuff, my coupons and ....well I don't know for sure yet but I bet I'll fill it with something. Thank you Kim for giving me this idea. I still want to make a few more placemat boxy pouches and when I do I'll share them. I did make one a while ago that made it on the Dollarstore blog because I'm using Dollarstore placemats and a freebie zipper so other then about 30 minutes of my time it's pretty cheap. Mike took the last one I made and uses it for his PSP and games and it works perfectly for that. I want to make one for the card games we take to the BWCA with us and another for a first aide kit.
Well nap time is over, the mama should be on her way here shortly so I had better get going. I hope that you all are having a super weekend. For me, it's time to get outside and mow, that is if the grass dried from all that rain we had yesterday. I'll check that out once the kids head home. Take care and God Bless!!!

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They look great!! KG