Sunday, May 31, 2009


I do not know why weekends have to go by so fast. There is always so much to do and so little time to really get it done in. I did get to go garage saling on Saturday morning and then took the scout cans and recycled them, got $40.00 more to add to the general fund. We are going to be using the cans to pay for the troops to get their CPR and first aid training done. We have about 2o signed up already so a good turn out is planned. Then there was a gradutaion open house for one of my scouts then we had dinner at our best friends. Sunday brought a trip to Brainerd for groceries for the store then another graduation open house for one of my little girls all grown up. She came when I first opened 9 years ago and now she's gradutating and going to beauty school. Then we pulled some more fence. Now I'm beat and ready to shower and start my week. With school out I get my girls back which is so nice. I'm not sure our plans for this week, it's two weeks to Father's day so I do know we are going to make some homemade apricot syrup for them and then I think a pencil holder or tool holder. We'll see.

Last week for Jon's birthday.
Mike let them play his guitar hero
game and the boys loved it. Mike
is so good to share with these kids.
There are of course those hand off toys
and things but in the end there really
aren't to many of them.

The kids so love going over to Marks to feed and
play with the goats and sheep. The last time there
he let them go into the pen with them and they just
romped and played together. Wilbur (our dog) is
the same as the kids, he loves to be with them all
and part of the group.

Well it's that time, shower time and then bed time so can start the week out fresh and ready to face whatever my little ones can hand me. Take care everyone and God Bless.

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