Sunday, May 10, 2009

I so wanted too....

I wanted to put a button on my blog here but can not figure it out so I'll just have to tell you about it. Starting in a couple of weeks my kids and I are going to be pen pals to some other kids in this world. Christie at is hosting a Kid's Mail Swap. She's never had a daycare sign up for this but I thought it would be something good for my little ones to do and a good ways to learn world geographic. She split my kids up into two groups, the two olders ones together and then the three youngest ones. I'll keep you posted on how far away they get to send their letters and goodies but I bet it'll be great. I always look for something different for my kids to learn, something interesting and challenging but fun too.

My Mother's day was terrific. I didn't get to go fishing like I had planned but we did go out for breakfast, picked up more fencing and feed for the baby chicks and then home to work on the fencing. We are only doing what we can afford each week or two but am caught up until next week. We went to an orchard today too, I'm looking for apple trees but they sure aren't cheap. We did however get a terrific deal on spurce trees. Buy 3 get one free and the trees were on sale for $4.00 a peice instead of $26.00 like normal so we got 8 for less then 1/6 the normal price. We each pitched in $10.00 plus change and now have our work cut out for us this week. Trees are good and pine trees, well I love then since even in the winter I can still see green.

Well another week is about to begin so I had better finish up from this week. Take care, God Bless.

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