Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Evening....

Oh the fun of garage saling. I took mama and daddy for 3 hours this morning. We found lots of good deals. I only took a few home with me but the ones I did I love. I got a few things for the daycare and a pretty little bowl for me and then a found some jewelry for my jewelry business so I can make into charms and such. I gotta share some pictures of that soon, but first.....
When we went to my friend's in Crosby last week my little ones got to pet her billy goat. The kids loved it. Jon and Justin are feeding the goat and Hannah had to see if she could touch it. We had such a great time there. I have known Cindy since I was in 4th grade or so and that was back in the late 70's so it's been awhile and I am so blessed to have such a great friend like her. She has her own blogspot if anyone is interested in checking her out. It's
Well my son is off to camp this weekend with his O.A. Brotherhood. He is so involved with scouting. He is working on his 6th palm and what that means he has earned 30 merit badges above and beyond what is needed to become an Eagle Scout. In March next year he will be 18 and to old for boy scouts as a scout but he can become an assistant scout leader or a merit badge counselor. He will be part of O.A. (which is called the Order of the Arrow) for a life time if he chooses and is vice president of our Venture Crew. Our troop started Venture Crew 52 which is co-ed scouting for youth 14-21. It's more adventuresome and challenging and so good for Mike. I work with two of the three groups Mike is part of, I'm not part of the O.A., I chose not to be because the other two keep me hopping enough.
Oh I've gotta share this, yesterday in the mail came this note card for Mike. He opened it and smiled and smiled. In it was a thank you from a little girl that had received one of his blankets that he made during his Eagle Project with Project Linus. Project Linus is a organization that uses volunteers to hand make blankets that are given to 0-18 year old kids that have had some kind of tragedy in their lives. Mike, family, friends and scouts made 150 fleece blankets for Project Linus and some where kept here in our area and some went north. He has received two thank you's in the past two years now and each has touched his heart and mine. If you want to check out and learn more about this terrific organization.
Okay off to do some paperwork and relax a little bit. I have daycare at 5:00 tomorrow morning so will be heading to bed, I hope, at a normal time. Take care my dear friends.

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