Monday, October 12, 2009

Songs of Praise…

For many years I have listen to and really enjoyed the music that I can download and listen to from this site…

They have some amazing songs that are just perfect for any time of day. Their Christmas music is terrific too. When you have a moment you have got to check this out.

Other things…..

Today I got my patterns I ordered from Butterick. They were running a great sale on discontinued patterns and I found three of them I just couldn’t resist getting. One was for a uniform top that I’m just going to make into a work blouse. One was for a fleece jacket and the last one is for slippers, really cool simple slippers. I am going to make a pair tomorrow for Mike out of some left over gray heavy weight fleece. The first pair I’m going to make is just the simple pattern ones but after that I want to make some with leather bottoms or something with grip. Mainly I want to make Mike and I a pair for camping this weekend, something extra soft and warm to sleep in.

I’ll take some pictures tomorrow to show you. I’m excited to do some sewing, it’s been awhile.

So good night, sleep tight and God Bless!!

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