Friday, October 9, 2009


It’s been a good but very busy week here. The first part of the week I worked in the garden and got that last of everything out of there. We still need to pull the plants, clean out the chicken coop and then get the garden tilled but we have a couple weeks left before that has to be done. That is except we are suppose to have an inch of snow tomorrow so that will make the garden mushy. We’ll just see, it can always rest and get done in the spring but looks so much nicer cleaned up.

On Wednesday we did the fire trucks. For those of your who don’t know about this. 15 years + ago we purchased a 1949 Chevy fire truck and a 1961 Chevy fire truck from two local fire departments. We have used these fire trucks for parades and kindergartener rides and also have had them available for our local fire departments during spring time droughts. Anyways, when Mike was in kindergarten 13 years ago they didn’t get to participate in Fire Prevention week because they went to school every other day and at least one class would miss out on seeing the fire trucks the fire department brought to school. Well since we had a couple we started giving rides to all kindergarten classes. Usually 50-60 kids for two days. We’ve done it now for 13 years. Each of my daycare kids get to ride the truck each year until they are two old too or in a class they can’t get out of. This year both Rachel and Abby got out of their classes to help us (Mike use to do until he got over into the high school). It is so cool doing this. Here is a couple of this years pictures.


Abby is by Mrs... Wenzel to her right and Rachel is the tall young lady in the Palisade truck.


Last night I cut out the invites for our Halloween Bonfire. I decided that the kids get so much candy from trick or treating that we’d have a bonfire after school and roast some wieners and marshmallows. One of my daycare daddy’s said he’d pick up the boys from school along with his girls and bring them all out here to play and enjoy. If we haven’t already, we’ll carve a pumpkin or two and then play a game. I’ll be a fun way for them to just be and the parents can visit when they come. I wanted to show you the invites. My mama found them on Martha Stewards website and printed them out for me. So cool. See…..


Now it’s onward and upwards to the weekend. This is the weekend to get the winterizing done. Roll up the hoses, drain the pumps and get them put away, tarp the wood piles, the drain field, move the canopy, picnic table, insulate the chicken coop… know all those kinds of things. Mike and I go to camp the following weekend so I’m sorta hoping we could have our indian summer then or at least a bit warmer temps then 14* when I got up this morning.

I hope you all are doing fantastic and enjoy our beautiful fall colors. I have a few more pictures to take of Mike and then it’s time to get them printed and choose which one he likes best. If I remember right Walgreens has a graduation pack for printing so will have to look into that and see.

Take care my friends. God Bless each and every one of you!!

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Kim said...

I just love your fire trucks! Way cool!