Thursday, October 1, 2009

In less then 5 minutes….


In less then a short 5 minutes the skies went from a beautiful morning to a cloudy gray but you have to check these out. I was out in my housecoat taking these so you can see just how beautiful the morning was. Boy was I glad to see it and enjoy it in person. Okay lookie see….

103_0374 103_0379

One minute it’s not there and then…..



See the rain coming inside the rainbow area? It rained just a few rain drops but this was so cool.

Okay enough for now. Got to get this kitchen cleaned up and get mama picked up for our trip to Brained. I hope you all have the most wonderful day and I hope that you all feel as blessed as I am to just be alive and kicking. Take care and GOD BLESS!!!!

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