Monday, October 5, 2009

This weekend…

Finally Mike and I got to go geo-caching. We took lots of pictures and of course some grad pictures. This week is our last week to be doing that since he has to have his grad picture in on the 1st of November and I have to have help picking the one I really want. Just a few more and then we’ll see what there is. When I get down to the last few I will post them and see if you can help me pick also. Here’s are two of my favorites for our walk on Larson Trails looking for the prize, which by the way we didn’t find. We’ll try again another day.



Hey, you gotta see this, while walking on Larson Trails we came to the shelter and I just loved it. We’ve walked Larson Trails before but never this loop before.



Our success rate for finding the geo-caches wasn’t great, we went for 4 and only found 1 but you know what, it didn’t matter at all. We had a blast together and that was really the only reason for going. Here’s a couple other good pictures we took.

100_0773 100_0800 100_0826 100_0806 We also went to Wisc. this weekend to pick up a 4’ 3 point mount sickle mower that Jim won on e-bay. He’s been looking for a long time and has never seen them for less the $400.00 but this time he won at just $100.00 plus the trip so sure couldn’t beat that. It was a 380 mile round trip but the scenery was beautiful. Mike took a few pictures so here’s a couple. He hasn’t learn yet about taking pictures from moving vehicles but he did do great on some.

100_0872 100_0876 Well that’s that for now. I hope that all is well with everyone. So take care, have a wonderful day and God Bless!!!

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rajdog1 said...

I like the pic of Mike behind the tree with the leaves....