Monday, December 7, 2009

As much as I’d like too….

Take credit for the house decorations with the man falling off the house, it’s not mine. Someone sent it to me on day and I just had to post it for the funny. It was such a cute idea. I wasn’t to clear I guess on me living in the country and no one seeing something like that but that’s fine. I just didn’t want to take credit where it wasn’t due. I am so glad you love it though and please, Queen T, show it to your son because I bet he’ll love it.

Okay, I’m off to get the DC kids from their home. Their mama is so sick she couldn’t possible get the Jon on the bus and Justin and Hannah here so I’m going to go there, pick up them up and take Jon to school and then come back home with the other two. They are sick too but both are on antibiotics so hopefully that means starting to feel better. I’m doing my best to stay healthy so that I can be here for everyone when they need me.

So take care my friends and have a great day today. I’m hoping for some sunshine and warmth but we’ll see, it’s Minnesota and just who knows from day to day. Bye for now and God Bless!!!

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