Friday, December 25, 2009

My family……


I had to share this picture of Mike with you. I took it at my cousins wedding this past week. I just can’t believe he’s turning 18 in just a couple short months. He is the apple of my eye, I love him so much. He made the B honor roll this past trimester. He learned to play the guitar and got an A+ from that class. His teacher loved his community service project and his accounting teacher thinks he’s just great and guess what, he is the only male in a class of 8 and he’s in heaven. Mike is my protector, he worries about his mama. When he finds a girl she will be the luckiest girl in the world.


This is my mama. Isn’t she the most beautiful woman? I sure do think so. I love my mama. She is my turd in my pocket. It’s a joke between us two. Whenever there is something to do, somewhere to go, anything we take our turd with. Being her with me or me with her. I can’t imagine the day when she won’t be in my life. It’s a good thing I plan on her living to be over a hundred. :o) 


These are my grandparents. Grandpa is 95 and grandma is 92. My grandma still gardens, sews and takes care of grandpa. She’s an amazing woman!!!


This is my daddy. He found his voice about 10 years ago and you know what, he sounds like a dream. Daddy sings with the Geritol Frolics every fall. They do a huge production and you know what, it’s for people over 50 and the average age is 70 or so. He sings at our 4th of July family get together and is wonderful. My daddy is a great man. He is always there whenever I need him.


Daddy is the tin man, this was one of my favorite productions he was in.


This is all of us last year at my nephews graduation party.

Cindy is the little one next to my son, she’s the one so very, very sick.

My guy. I’ve been married to Jim for just almost 30 years now. He’s an amazing man. He takes good care of Mike and I. We takes us camping, fishing, boating, hiking. We work together on many different things, like right now we all are rebuilding a 1990 Chevy blazer. He’s a jack of all trades and master of lots.

I just wanted to introduce you to my family. I have a great family, one of the bests.

These are my reasons for happiness, love, blessings and joy. God had given me so much and I thank him daily for it all.

I hope you can find all the good the Lord has given you cuz no matter what there’s family and they make the world go around.

Merry Christmas everyone. May God Bless you and keep you safe.


lindsey said...

Thanks for visiting my blog....I have enjoyed reading through your blog. You have a lovely family. May you know God's abundant blessings throughut the coming year

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for introducing your family. That was awesome to read. Hope ya'll had a wonderful Christmas.

Carolyn Christie said...

Hi Julie Thanks so much for your visit and your sweet comment! You have a beautiful family!!{handsome son}
WOW, you've been married almost 30 years. PTL We are going on 13. :)
Have a Blessed New Year!!

I don't know what happened to your sister but i will pray for her.
You can e me if you want too.