Thursday, December 31, 2009

See the “Fat no more… I hope…”?

That is my new blog for my hope to be a new me. I am going to start working very hard on a new life style with eating good, exercising, praying more and doing the best I can do have a healthy body.

Please join me on my quest. If you have any insight, ideas, comments or anything like that please do so. I need them. I’m almost 50 years old (well got 2.5 years left) but I want to get in shape and just see what that’s like.

Check out my new blog by clicking on The going to be new me link…

I hope you all have a great day today. It’s sunshiny and 7* this morning so not a bad morning at all. I’m hoping we can go out and play a bit plus the kids said they’d help me clean house for the New Year. I love help, close counts here so I have no problems with things almost perfect.

God Bless you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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