Monday, December 21, 2009

Requested Turtle recipe….

Paula asked me to tell her how I made the turtles I talked about in one of my other posts so here’s a super easy recipe, super quick and very good tasting and hard to keep on hand.

Buy a bag of cheap tiny pretzels (I notice the Wal-mart now has the Great Valu brand in these). The ones all twisted up like the big ones.

Buy a bag of Rolo’s, these aren’t cheap but I haven’t found anything else to use yet.

Buy a bag of milk chocolate chip cookies (cheap works just fine here too)

Buy a small bag of halved pecans (generic works here too).

I like to use parchment paper on my cookie sheet but if you really don’t have any be sure to spray your pan with some anti-stick stuff.

Put down as many pretzels on your cookie sheet as you have candies. Try not to eat to many Rolo’s, though it is hard. Open all the Rolo’s and place one on each pretzels. They won’t stay in the center but close counts. Stick the cookie sheet and goodies in a preheated oven to 250* for about 10 minutes. Remove the cookie sheet and take your pecan halves and put one on each Rolo and press down a bit. You can center them now that the candy is soft. Don’t push to hard or you’ll push all the goodness though the pretzel. Now let them cool. Since I like in Minnesota I stick them out on the porch for 10 minutes to harden. While they cool I put about a cup of chocolate chips in a baggie and stick it in the microwave for a minute or until when you poke the chips they are soft. I cut a corner off the baggie and squeeze a drizzle on each turtle. That’s it. Easy to make and yummy to eat.

Here’s what they look like.


Today was the beginning of school Christmas vacation. We had a blast. We have just enough snow to go sliding so we did that for a couple hours this morning and again this afternoon. We made peanut butter, caramel, chocolate bars which tasted wonderful. Tomorrow we’ll be making the sugar cookies and some banana bread. We also need to make puppy chow with Crispix. Then I think that will be the end of the baking for our Christmas party. I’m so ready for my little ones to have their party. I love it. I love that Mike takes the day off to be with “his” kids, it is one of the most wonderful days here at daycare.

Well it’s time to finish cleaning up and just relax a little bit.

Take care my friends, have a great day tomorrow. Sleep well tonight and remember to thank our great Lord for all the most awesome blessing he has bestowed on us. God Bless!!



Kim said...

Yumm!! I'll take two dozen please - hehe!

ScrapFX said...

Thank you so much for the recipe and picture. I can honestly say I have seen or tasted anything like this but it sure sounds yummy. I may have to do some substituting as I'm not sure if we can get everything here in little of New Zealand (I have seen Rolos though), but I will be sure to post a picture once I find some time to try these out. Not sure they will harden though if I put them outside, given it's Summer here lol.
Thank you so much for these, I can't wait to try.

Midday Escapades said...

Oh, I like it. Sounds easy enough for me, too. Thanks Julie. :0)