Friday, December 4, 2009

Free Christmas music…

Good evening….

On Cheapie Cheapie Krista found this and it’s pretty cool. 25 free days of Christmas music. Each day is a new release. I was able to download 4 days worth tonight but not sure if that will keep up or you have to do it day by day. I didn’t get a chance yet to listen to all 4 all the way though but I know day one sounded really nice. I figure if it’s not quite what I want I can delete it but didn’t want to miss out in case it was something really good.

I love sitting and sewing or crafting with music in the background and since it’s usually nap time when I’m doing it I can’t really listen to it on the stereo so having it on my laptop is perfect.

Here is another thing I want to share with you.

This is so cute. I don’t think I’ll do the gift bags but the kids could do painting on paper like this. Even Hannah can do something like this if someone first made the tree and she can just dot some decoration on it.

I have something else to share with you too but will wait until tomorrow to see if I can get at last part of it done so you can see but think of this….take something that costs $3.98, take 50% off at Ladies Night Out last night, cut it apart, make at least 4  Christmas gifts from it and they’ll each have bling too. Sorta confusing but you’ll see.

Good night my friends, sleep well. God Bless!!

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