Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two out of four….

Well I made two of the four totes I need for part of the kids Christmas gifts. They didn’t turn out to bad at all. Under the handles I put feed sack so that they won’t tear them out if they load the totes up extra heavy. They’re not perfect but I’m thinking the girls will like them. What do you think?


Have you every bought something just because of a name? Well I did and it didn’t cost me more then a dollar either. While at our local Dollar Store I found these and just couldn’t resist getting them. I’ve never seen this brand before. It’s written in French and English (different sides of the bag). How can you know by this when your name is written all over it?! Oh just had to share this.


Mike and I got the tree up tonight and a few decorations out. I’m not into filling the house up any more for the season, just a touch here and there. I did get to put out my Nativity set which I haven’t in years because of little ones but I put it into the cabinet that Mike made me in wood shop and it looks pretty cool (plus they’re safe from little hands).

Now it’s time to shut this off, take a shower and head to bed. I’m not feeling tip top, either the start of a cold or just plain tired. I hope that all is well with you all. Sleep tight and God Bless!!


Queen T said...

Hi Julie - the bags a cute. I love the beautiful paper. I laugh at you buying something because of the name, I did the same with a ladder - had to buy the Bailey brand after my son.

Midday Escapades said...

LOL on the Julie pads. French, too? Wow you're international. The bags look great. I bet they will love 'em!