Saturday, December 5, 2009


Remember the 1/2 price item I told you about. Well it was this, a dinner jacket….


I couldn’t beat the price of $1.50 so brought it home and made two each of these….

101_1064 101_1065

One of my daycare mom’s needed an inexpensive pouch for a niece and asked me to make her a couple. So here they are. I am not a fan of working on velvet but it turned out okay and I put a turtle charm on the boxy pouches for good luck and just some jewels on the drawstring pouch. Now to come up with a fair price. I’m figuring total cost of all 4 items was $6.00 or so and that mostly just replacement cost of the zippers and charms, anyways, we’ll just see.

For our #4 Christmas craft challenge the kids decorated doves and cardinal cut outs from Kim’s blog,, even Mike got into painting with Anton last night.

101_1032_00  101_1051 


For craft challenge #5, we did these and boy was I impressed the way they came out. I think we’ll be making more of these to add to the Christmas gifts.

101_1045_00 101_1059_00

So now daycare is over for the weekend, my nephew is coming to spend the afternoon/evening with us and I think I’m going to go and take a short nap, I’m beat, 66 hours of daycare this week was plenty plus I spent my ladies night out, a scouting evening and my sewing. It’s time.

Take care my friends, have a great rest of your weekend. God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Julie. You are nothing short of amazing. I still can't get over that you got the dinner jacket for $1.50 and made those 2 items from them.

Anonymous said...

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Gauri said...

:) Loved reading your post !! Keep up the good work and hope you have a good relaxed weekend.

Kim said...

Pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

Love the ornaments!

Lisa said...

Hi! I'm here from Follow Friday...

totally impressed with the crafts! Checking out Ubercrafter too...

(I'm a craft-a-holic, i start a LOT of stuff, can't say I finish much though..LOL)

Happy Weekend and God Bless!