Monday, December 28, 2009


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… and boy that’s what it did this Christmas. I have a couple of pictures I have got to share with you that I took Christmas evening. I love them and think you will too.



See I told you you’d like them. The little decorate tree is something Mike does for his grandma every single year. Since they put up tons of decorations and we do just a bit here and there, what we do mama can’t see so for his grandma he decorates her a tree on the north side of our house so when she’s washing dishes she can see it from her house. Now they don’t live to close, if you look at the little tree and on the right side of it is a bright white little lite (looks like a snowflake but it isn’t) that’s they yard light from their barn but she can see it and loves it plus I get to see it from my kitchen and enjoy it too.

I think for the next week or so I’m not going to be doing any crafting or putzing. I need to get my house back in order, take care of my full house since no school and try to get caught up on some paperwork. So if I don’t blog to much forgive me, after school starts I have a couple projects I’ll be sharing with you.

Take care my friends, have a great day today. Our sun is shining but it’s windy and cold but it’s Minnesota, what can we expect :o)

God Bless you all.


Kim said...

Those pictures are PRETTY!

Ms. Sarah said...

so pretty email me