Saturday, December 12, 2009

Beautiful lights….


We went to the Arboretum tonight and got to drive thru their beautiful light display. We’re still learning about our cameras so some of the pictures aren’t perfect but you get the idea. Most of the displays are moving ones so someone worked very hard building these set and we got to appreciate their work. Told you I’d share.


Now it’s time for bed, of course Bobbie and Wilbur are already sleeping. Wilbur loves sleeping under the blanket until he gets hot, see the little white and black nose? Bobbie and Wilbur are partners. The play together and sleep together.

WIlbur and Bobby  

Good night my friends, sleep well and have a blessed Sunday.


Queen T said...

Gorgeous Christmas Lights - I love the lights at Christmas time. My husband, 10 year old son & I are planning a up to the US next year for Christmas & New Years - I have always wanted to come to the US at christmas time and have a white christmas & enjoy the lights & decorations you have over there.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us! Aw, they are so cute asleep. Happy times.