Monday, December 7, 2009

Craft show….

Since the up-coming craft show has lots of used jewelry on it I’m thinking that our jewelry probably won’t sell as good as it usually does so I’ve been working on bits and pieces of different stuff. I had to share with you what I made this weekend and finished up today. It was fun, fast and easy but I think they turned out pretty good and I should be able to sell them for a couple dollars a piece. So what do you think? They are key rings, flash drive holders and book marks (or anything they want them to be).

101_1066    101_1067

101_1068 101_1069


This afternoon at nap I’m going to be making fork easels'. Kim taught me how to do this last year at Christmas and I gave them to my daycare parents and they loved them. I have one that holds my favorite picture of my family. Then I want to make a few record bowls. I sold a couple of them at my craft shows so will see how they go there. Then I think that will be enough making, it’ll be time for cleaning and pricing and organizing. Boy are nap times busy.

I’m off, the kids and I are going to play with the trains a bit and then it’ll be lunch time and nap. Since they are sick along with their mama we aren’t doing a whole bunch that takes energy but soon they’ll be back to par and it’ll be time to be ran ragged. I love it!! :o)

Take care, have a super day. God Bless my friends.


Kim said...

These are very cute - I'm sure you'll sell all of them!! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Good variety you've got there. Very useful, too. Hope you had a good nap and feel better.